Everyday I wake up

Happiness isn’t a goal that we accomplish or a means to an end.  Being happy is a by-product from what we decide to do with our lives.

Everyday I wake up and tell myself that the most amazing thing just happened to me.  I woke up.  I get to exist at least one more day in this world.  There is no greater thing in the world than being alive; money, love, happiness, it’s all nothing without the mere fact of existence.

That pushes me to do more with my life.  If I am blessed with the gift of being alive, I am going to do everything in my power to live a life with the absolute most passion I can possibly give.

That means you have to take risks.  Love somebody knowing they may never love you back.  Love yourself.  Because if you don’t then no one else is going to give you the time of day.

Strive to do something meaningful with your life.  Not meaningful in the eyes of society.  Getting a degree, a house and a family, that’s selling out, I don’t care about that shit.  Do what is meaningful to you.  Do something that you will look back on years from now and you’ll say to yourself, ‘yeah, I did it.”

Do that, and someway along the ride you’ll forget about being happy.  You’ll just be.

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