Questions people don’t ask themselves

  • Do I really need this?
  • If I weren’t already in the middle of doing what I am doing would I still do it?
  • Is it time to walk away and try something new?
  • Does this actually make me happy?
  • What assumptions led me to that conclusion?
  • Is this thing worth the time and effort it took to earn the money to buy it?
  • Aside from “he’s evil,” or “she’s insane,” What are some reasons he or she may be acting that way and what would have to happen to me to make me act the same?
  • When considering the things I am absolutely sure I’m right about, in what ways might I be wrong?
  • What is my basis for claiming X?
  • When considering a phenomenon, view, or system over which people usually take sides — or one for which I’m on a side — what are some ways that both sides are right/wrong?
  • Why am I doing what I am doing?
  • When will I start taking my own advice?
  • If money were not an issue, what would I do with my life?
  • Why the hell do I do this everyday?
  • Before I ask this question, if I take 5 seconds to contemplate it, can I answer it myself?
  • Do I want to be right, or do I want a relationship?
  • What do I need to start doing?
  • What do I need to stop doing?
  • What do I need to stay doing?
  • Is there another way to think about this?
  • Could I be wrong even if I am right?
    Even if everything I believe about a situation is right, and everything I am doing is technically correct, could my actions have unintended consequences? What if I went about solving the problem in a way that caused turbulence?
  • Why do I believe in what I believe?
  • Is this what I really want?
  • How can I best take the advice I am giving?
  • If I loved myself truly and deeply, what would I do in this situation?
  • Is this any of my business?
  • Why do I exist?
  • Am I happy with how I just spent those 10 minutes that I can never get back?
  • If I had it all over again, would I hire/start/build X?
  • Am I making an ass out of myself?
  • Am I procrastinating?
  • Do I really understand what is written here/what he is saying?
  • Is what I’m saying going to offend someone, and if so, am I right in saying it?
  • Why would I act unethically?
  • What’s the worst that could happen?
  • Am I doing everything possible to achieve my goals and if not, why?
  • Am I making the other person feel heard?
  • Am I living in the moment?
  • Am I living my life in a way that makes me happy and makes the people around me that I love happy?
  • Am I making this decision for myself or someone else?
  • What would I do if today were my last day?
  • What would I do if I was not afraid?
  • Is this the best I can give?
  • Will doing this help me become a better person in any way?
  • Can I do better?
  • Is this reaction or belief I hold about other people and and their actions or
    beliefs due more to my unfamiliarity with their practices than it is to some rational and defensible position?
  • Am I spending enough time with the people I care about?
  • Just because I’m thinking it, should I believe it?
  • Will I regret this?
  • Will I regret not doing this?
  • Would I believe in this even if I were the only person in the world believing in it?
  • Am I doing this for the right reasons?
  • Did I do anything right today?
  • Will I be glad I did/am doing this 10 years from now?
  • How are my parents doing?
  • When is the last time I called them?
  • Why didn’t I speak up?
  • Why did I go through with the charade?
  • Why did I stay?
  • Why do I let it continue? 5. When will I be brave for myself?
  • Will I have to serve time?
  • Am I really good enough for this, or am I just wasting everyone’s time?
  • Am I happy?
  • What would make me happy?
  • Am I over-thinking it?
  • What would I do at a juncture when I am satisfied with the money and material possessions I have?
  • If today were the last day of your life, for what would you ask God for extra time?
  • Isn’t there a better way to do this?
  • Who did I help today?
  • What did I learn today?
  • What am I thankful for?
  • Am I being honest? Honest with myself as well as with others?
  • Do I ask myself enough?
  • Is this true for ME?
  • Do I care enough knowing that this will bite my arse in the future?
  • Does this really make sense ?
  • Is what people tell me the truth and based on evidence, or is it just their version of the truth or based on nothing but hearsay?
  • Am I ok?
  • If I knew what I know now, would I still do it?
  • What is the underlying  hidden premise in any universal wisdom
  • Is there an alternate way of looking at it ? explaining it ?
    Is it co relation or causation ?
  • Can Both parties to a debate be wrong (or Right )?
  • Will it matter 10 years down the line ?
  • Why I am spending so much time on Quora
  • Why do I live here, exactly here, in this house, in this neighborhood, in this city?
  • Am I drinking enough water?
  • What limiting beliefs are you holding on to?
  • How can I become the best in physical, mental and social aspects of my life?
  • Did I treat others they way I want to be treated?
  • How many calories is this?
  • Am I happy? if not how can my life be better and what changes should I do to make it better in order for me to be happy.
  • How can I be a better me today?
  • Am I being too hard on myself?
  • where is this heading ?
  • Who am I?
  • What are my weaknesses?
  • What have I done to make a difference?
  • Is it really just the world that is mean all the time? Can I not be wrong sometimes? (If everybody asked themselves this courageous question, they (we) would be able to hate the world and its people a lot less.)
  • How does what I am doing and saying affect other beings?
  • When is the next time I’ll be able to pee?
  • What exactly are we doing now, while pretending to argue about something?
  • Why do I want what I want?
  • How aware of my feelings am I while sitting in front of my screen?
  • At my deathbed, will I be happy I spent so much time in front of a screen?

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